5 Life Lessons of Yoga, Off the Mat

Yoga has a way of uniting the breath and body that I don’t find in other arenas.  During the divorce, I found that my mind began to move on from the trauma, but that my body still stored the shock and the pain.  Even when my mind was at rest, my body was trembling, shaking as though it was in imminent danger.  Medication worked, but only by shutting the body down, which I did not see as a viable long term solution.  I tried meditation, but that same medication made that very difficult.  I’m not sure why it took me so long, but I finally restarted yoga, which almost immediately began to calm my body through breath and rhythmic movements. My mind started to calm also, as the breath reconnected it to its corporeal frame. My biggest life lesson from yoga was the discovery that the breath is the  link between the mind and body and it can be used to help heal either one.

5 Life Lessons of Yoga, Off the Mat.

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