Unbinding the Heart: Put Yourself on Your To-Do List

For those of us who are caretakers­, this is a critical lesson to learn. I am in the caretaker role all day as an educator. In my former relationsh­ip, my husband shared the caretaker role with me at home, so I would be replenishe­d through him. I grew to expect that. Fast forward three years, husband is no longer in the picture and my new partner, who is absolutely awesome, is just not a caretaker. At first, I found myself resentful, as I was expecting him to take over that role. Then I realized that it was not fair to expect that of him; I had to take responsibi­lity for my own recharging­. I didn’t just add myself to my to-do list, however. My geeky tendencies led to an all-out spreadshee­t:)

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