The Synergy of Mental and Physical Strength

Which do you feel like you have more of: mental strength or physical strength?  Regardless of your answer, you can use your strength to address the area in which you have room to improve.

How to Grow Mental Strength From Physical

Use your physical attributes to set up situations where you gain confidence in your strength and abilities.

If you chat with people at the starting line of most races, you will find that many them  started racing around the time of a personal crisis.  In order to help build their inner strength and confidence, they created a physical obstacle that they knew they could overcome.

I joined these multitudes for my first half marathon (in fact, my first race ever) a few months after my husband left.  needed a physical goal that was challenging but doable to train my mind for the long haul ahead.  It was two hours of hell on that course, but I made it through and, in doing so, knew that I could face other marathons, even of the emotional kind.

How to Grow Physical Strength From Mental

Use your fortitude to overcome your physical obstacles and discomfort.

I had this experience in high school; I had major sensory and mobility issues with my right arm due to a nerve conduction problem.  As a result of the pain and disability, I lost strength and endurance.  My body was weak and uncoordinated.  As my release from physical therapy crew near, I looked for a way to increase my strength.  I had always been drawn to the Monkees (yes, I did have a huge crush on Davy Jones) and the show had introduced me to the sport of fencing.  I decided that was what I wanted to try and I was lucky enough to have an excellent instructor in town and a mom that would make  it happen.

The first day I walked into the salle (fencing school), I couldn’t even hold the weapon in my hand.  My instructor thought I was a fool.  Who would commit to learning to fence when they couldn’t even hold a three-pound foil for a few seconds?  This was where the mind came in.  I was determined to make it happen.  I used my stubbornness to push my body further than it wanted to go, and  as a result, gained strength, endurance, and mobility.

For most of us, we will have times when one area is stronger than the other.  Funnel the strength you do have into the area that is lacking to achieve overall balance, vitality, and resilience.

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