The Beauty of an Early Spring Garden is in the Details

At first glance, the early spring garden is barren. There are few leaves, few flowers, no raucous plants fighting for attention.  It is a different garden.

The beauty of an early spring garden is in the details, subtle interplay of color and texture, and the bright green of new growth tentatively poking its head though the soil.  In order to see the beauty, the quiet spectacle that is the wakening garden, one must be patient and in tune with the rhythm of life.

The first frost of the fall that causes the leaves and blooms to wither and die, providing the fuel for the next season’s growth. When the garden in dormant to the naked eye, the most important work is going on beneath the surface, working the soil so that it can nurture and sustain life. 

Look to the ground to see the life just below the surface, shy at first.  Testing.  But soon, as the shoot begin to trust in the warmth of the sun again, they will burst forth, ready to declare their presence.

The early spring of a divorce is much the same as in a garden.  Look beyond the bare branches, look to the details and you will see its beauty beneath the loss.  The beauty in the possibilities, the promise, the unknown.  Celebrate each new sign of life.  Focus on the growth that is visible and that which lies just beneath the surface.  Dig your hands deep into your soil and fill it full of enrichment.  Till your sorrows under so that they provide fuel for your new growth.  Allow yourself to trust in the sun again, feel its warmth.

The early spring is fleeting, but it cannot be rushed.  No season is permanent.  Life moves on when ready, but in the meantime, look to the details to see the beauty and let yourself bloom when ready.

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