Tales From a Zumba Virgin

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  1. Roy Suarez says:

    I love your comments about Zumba. I just started Zumba two weeks ago and I’m hooked. It’s fun and besides losing weight, improving my balance and flexibility and increasing my overall strength it’s brought my blood sugar back to near normal levels. The hardest part about Zumba for me was walking into the room. I’m a 59 year old heterosexual bald man. But once it get started everyone could have cared less. Now I can’t believe that guys haven’t caught on to this. At just about every session someone always makes a comment or asks the question why more guys are taking Zumba.

    BTW, my 21 year old daughter is mortified that I’m taking Zumba. She away in college and takes Zumba at the Gold’s Gym near the University. She texted yesterday to tell me that there was guy as old as me in her class and she said he didn’t Zumba any better than I probably did. lol I just love embarassing my daughter.

    Anyway, I’m still trying to master the booty shake and I don’t jump nearly as high as the young’uns but I’m not giving up. It’s too much fun.

    • I love it! Watch out, if enough of you guys speak up about the fun and fitness of Zumba, the classes will become much more crowded. That is awesome news about your blood sugar, too. Enjoy learning the booty shake (I’m still working on it myself) and embarrassing your daughter in the process:)

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