Albatross of Opportunity



“Everything happens for a reason.”

Has anyone ever  said that to  you?  Or, have you perhaps uttered it to someone facing a challenge.  That phrase, although I do appreciate its intent,is one of my pet peeves.  I guess because I am a student of secular humanism, or perhaps because I do not have a fatalistic view of the world, I believe that things happen.  Then,  it’s up to you what you do with it.

My ex leaving didn’t catapult me to where I am now, nor did it send me down some stream, meandering to my current location.  I had no say in him leaving, but I am where I am due to conscious decisions and and hell of lot of hard work.

I encourage you to see the struggles in your life as an albatross of opportunity.  There will be physcological pain and suffering, but you can choose to use that to initiate desired change in your life.  Accept that  bird around your neck for a time, but when it’s purpose has been served, loosen the bonds and set it free.


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  1. It’s very strange how I just came across this article now. Especially with what has happened to me last week. Very uplifting…Thanks Lisa!!!

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